Personal Finance

Personal Finance




Savings & Spending

1. Beginner's Guide to Saving 2. Make Saving a Priority 3. Programmed- Saving and Spending Habits 4. Saving Doesn't Mean No Spending 5. What To Do With Extra Cash 6. Managing Money & Savings 7. 10 Useful Spending Tips 8. 22 Tips on Managing Your Money 9. Controlling Emotional Spending 10. 30 Ways to Spend less and Save More 11. Budgets and Why They Are Important 12. How To Get a Handle on Your Spending 13. 7 Methods of Wise Spending 14. Proven Ways to Minimize Expenses and Maximize Savings 15. How To Save 16. Winning Ways To Grow Your Savings 17. 5 Tips to Improve Your Spending Habits 18. 10 Ways to Cut Down on Your Spending 19. Wikipedia: Saving 20. 100 Excellent Ways To Save Money 21. Beginner's Guide To Saving

Managing Debt

1. Beginner's Guide to Managing Debt 2. Learn How to Manage Your Debt 3. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) 4. Bill Collectors- What They Can and Cannot Do 5. Can Debt Collectors Call at Work? 6. Federal Trade Commission Act (FTCA) 7. Debt Collection Rights 8. What's Not Allowed in Debt Collection 9. Know Your Rights 10. Debt Management Tips for 20 Somethings 11. Management and Budgeting Guide for Debt Management 12. Handling Personal Debts 13. The Real About Debt Management 14. Best Debt Management Companies and The Process 2016 15. Learn How To Consolidate Your Debt 16. About Debt Consolidation Loans 17. How to Consolidate Your Bills 18. 5 Methods to Get Out of Debt 19. If You Get Harrassed By a Debt Collector, 4 Things You Need To Know 20. What Affects Your Credit Score 21. Wikipedia: Managing Debt

Credit Score

1. Beginner's Guide to Credit Scores 2. Why Your Credit Score is Important 3. How To Build Credit 4. How to Get Rid Of Inquires on Your Credit Score 5. What Affects Your Credit Score 6. How To Raise Your Credit Score 7. Credit Score Ranges and What They Mean 8. Top Credit Tracking Sites 2016 9. Debt, Credit Reports, and Credit Scores 10. Learn How Mortgage Companies Average your scores from all 3 Credit Reports 11. What Credit Score Is Needed To Buy a House 12. What Credit Score is Needed To Buy a Car 13. What Credit Score is Needed to Buy a Motorcycle 14. How Many Points Does an Inquiry remove from Your Credit Score 15. Get a Better Mortorcycle Loan with a Better Credit Score 16. What is an Excellent Credit Score 17. What Is a Bad Credit Score 18. Making a Dispute of Negative Info on Credit Report 19. When Does Negative Info Come Off Of a Credit Report 20. Calculator: Determine Credit Score 21. Wikipedia: Credit Score

Credit Cards

1. Beginner's Guide to Credit Cards 2. Comprehensive Guide to First-Time Credit Cards Buying 3. Learn About Credit Cards for teens 4. Types of Credit Cards 5. Guide To Changing/Buying Credit Cards 6. What Information Is Required to Get Credit Cards 7. Credit card€™s minimum payment amount 8. How Much Does Credit Cards Cost? 9. How Is Credit Card Interest Calculated? 10. Estimate Your Credit Cards debt costs you 11. Ways that Can Save on Credit Cards 12. How To Save Money on Credit Cards 13. Tips for Getting Cheaper, Better credit card benefits 14. 10 Tips for Paying Off Credit Card Debt 15. Hidden benefits of credit cards 16. Credit cards that re-build credit 17. Compare Credit Cards Rates Online 18. Another Credit Cards Comparison 19. Avoid These credit card scams 20. Calculator: Credit Card Repayment Calculator 21. Calculator: Credit Card Interest 22. Wikipedia: Credit Cards


1. Beginner's Guide to Pensions 2. About Pensions 3. What is Vesting? 4. All About Pension Release/ Pension Unlocking 5. Types of Pensions 6. Defined Benefit Plan 7. Defined Contribution plan 8. Public Sector Pension 9. Government Pension 10. 8 Government Pensions 11. Defending Public Sector Pensions 12. Information on Retirement Plans for Consumers 13. Negative about Pensions 14. Positives about Pensions 15. Who's Entitled to a Pension 16. What To Do With My Pension 17. Can Pensions be inherited 18. If My Spouse Passes Away, Do I get Their Pension 19. Avoid These Homeowners Insurance Scams 20. Calculator: Homeowners Insurance 21. Wikipedia: Pension