U.S. Bank SWIFT Codes (BIC)

Find and lookup U.S. Bank SWIFT codes and BIC Codes. A SWIFT Code, or Bank Identifier Code (BIC), is an 8 or 11-character series of letters and numbers that are used for international bank wire transfers.

USBKUS4TCOR U.S. Bank Corporate Trust Department St. Paul, MN

USBKUS44XXX U.S. Bank Minneapolis, MN

USBKUS44TAC U.S. Bank Tacoma International Department Tacoma, WA

USBKUS44STL U.S. Bank St. Louis International Department St. Louis, MO

USBKUS4TCTB U.S. Bank Ctb St. Paul, MN

USBKUS4TCTT U.S. Bank Corporate Trust Trades St. Paul, MN

USBKUS4TFDS U.S. Bank Us Bancorp Fund Services Milwaukee, WI

USBKUS4TDTS U.S. Bank Domestic Trade Services St. Paul, MN

USBKUS4TDOM U.S. Bank Domestic Initiation St. Paul, MN

USBKUS44SLC U.S. Bank Salt Lake City International Department Salt Lake, UT

USBKUS44SEA U.S. Bank Seattle International Department Seattle, WA

USBKUS44FEX U.S. Bank Forex Dealing/settlements/ Control Minneapolis, MN

USBKUS44DEN U.S. Bank Denver International Department Denver, CO

USBKUS44CAL U.S. Bank Sacramento International Department Sacramento, CA

USBKUS44IMT U.S. Bank International Money Transfer Department Minneapolis, MN

USBKUS44LAX U.S. Bank Documentary Services-ca Los Angeles, CA

USBKUS44PDX U.S. Bank Portland International Department Portland, OR

USBKUS44NEV U.S. Bank Reno International Department Reno, NV

USBKUS44MIL U.S. Bank Milwaukee International Department Milwaukee, WI

USBKUS44BOI U.S. Bank Boise International Department Boise, ID